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Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along Part Three: The Collar


Welcome back to the Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along! Today we are going to construct the Band Collar. We have a bonus for you today, the collar instructions are from the 2019 Sew Confident! 1st quarter edition which features the Berwick St. Tunic. You get a free preview of the kind of tips and techniques that are featured in Sew Confident! Let's get sewing... 

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Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along Part Two: Preparing the Front and Back


​Welcome back to the Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along. Today we will begin by working with the Right and Left Front and the Back pieces. During this process we will create one of the distinguishing design features of the Berwick, the concealed placket. Let's get sewing! 

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Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along Part One: Getting Started


Welcome to the Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along. We will be making a fun summer version using a lightweight rayon challis in a fun Lemon Print. The Berwick can be made in many different fabric substrates but I love how it looks in a drapey rayon. Check out our collection of rayon prints and get ready to sew!

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Embroidered Liberty/MixIt Pattern


 Our good friend Samantha Ploch from South Carolina recently attended a class Linda taught at Mulberry Silks in Carrboro, North Carolina, and Linda was floored by her fabulous Liberty/MixIt combination jacket. Samantha had created a similar jacket after working on the pattern variations at a Sew Kansas workshop in our studio in Topeka. She was inspired by an Alexander McQueen garment, and put two and two together to make this fab jacket. We've asked her to share her creative process. Read on and enjoy!

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Slice and Insert Picasso Pants


 Last February we hosted an Open House to celebrate the launch of the 2019 Sew Confident! collection. Each guest received a goodie bag full of fabulous prizes, including some fun pre-cut Australian Aboriginal fabrics. The pre-cuts are 5" square, which is great for quilting but trickier to use if you are a garment sewist. Or is it? I love incorporating small pops of color as a design element within a larger garment. Sometimes I will use a small piece of fabric as an under collar or pieced along a front placket. For this project, I pieced the fabric together and sliced and inserted them into the lantern leg of my Picasso Pants.

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